Porch and garage enclosure solutions for bringing the outdoors in.
Porch and garage enclosure solutions for bringing the outdoors in.

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We specialize in designing and building screen porches, enclosing patios, porches and garages, installing awnings, and constructing fences for residential and commercial - all types.

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We Design and Build Screen Porches

Anchor Home Services custom designs and builds quality screen porch rooms.  Our screen porch additions are a favorite of homeowners.  Our speciality is aluminum screen porches.  Why do we like aluminum?  Aluminum screen porches are maintenance-free.  You'll have more time to enjoy your new space without the headache of painting, staining, or sanding.  And, best of all, aluminum does not rust.


What's involved with building a screen porch?  Anchor Home Services will walk you through the process of building a screen porch, step by step.  We'll talk in detail about the foundation, floor, posts, beams, roof, molding, and trim.  You can beassured Anchor Home Services will build a quality room - one of which you will enjoy for years to come.


What type of screen should you choose?  There are many types of screens available, including aluminum, fiberglass and steel.

    1)  Aluminum is rustproof, and one of the most popular screen materials.

    2)  Fiberglass is also rustproof and although it is inexpensive, it does tear easily.

    3)  Steel screens while strong and durable, are relatively expensive.


What are the advantages of removable screens?  Whether you're building a new screen porch or you're planning to install screening on an existing porch, consider custom-built removable screens.  Removable screens are framed-in and can be attached to your porch's horizontal and vertical posts, and can be removed when not needed.  The advantage is you're able to take down the screening and enjoy a perfect, uninhibited view.


The following are a few tips to help ensure your screen porch room addition is exactly how you imagined:

    1)  Consider having an electrician install an overhead fan for hot months, as well as lighting for reading and dining in your screened porch.

    2)  The installation of a fireplace will make your room more cozy and inviting, and usable for more seasons.

    3)  If the porch is being built in front of a wall with a window, make sure the porch wall opposite your home wall also has a window so that the view from indoors is not obstructed.

    4)  Hire a licensed professional with experience in building screened porches.



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